We believe in shared values

Sponsorship is much more than a transaction; it can create magic when “true partnership” is struck. We dig deeper for the perfect fit, aligning your values with those of your partners and your audience.

Meaningful connections drive ROI

Hanging up a logo and hoping for exposure on its own doesn’t cut it anymore. We focus on value-driving opportunities to enhance consumer experience in the moment, and building meaningful relationships through multi-platform and optimized strategies.

Consumers want more

It’s tougher than ever for brands to stand out in a cluttered landscape and gain consumer trust. Association through partnership can break down barriers- provided the fit is authentic. Your audience deserves more – let us help you find the right match.

It's all about passion, loyalty and ritual

Sponsorship delivers consumer engagement like no other form of advertising. Whether it be passion for causes they believe in, loyalty to their team or the rituals around taking their kids to sport every Saturday, sponsorship can be a catalyst to making meaningful connections.

We love blue water

The inclination is to dive in where other advertisers are. Like choosing a busy beach – popular, but hard to find a spot for your parasol. We’re believers in ensuring you stand out. Find a property that is relatively untapped and you won’t be fighting clutter.

Amplifying Women In Sport

We're passionate about our commitment to supporting, amplifying and celebrating women in sport.

What We Do

The short answer is:
sponsorship sales.

…and effective harnessing of a property’s commercial rights. But that’s a bit like calling Mozart just a piano player. We provide much more than that. We are a dedicated and experienced sponsorship, marketing and communications team. We develop long-lasting partnerships for properties in sport, culture and entertainment. We look at every angle of your business to optimize revenue through commercial strategies. We bring brands and audiences together to create experiences that go far beyond just the moment, and create connections that grow value and drive business objectives. We’re pretty sure it’s how Mozart would have approached sponsorship, if he hadn’t been distracted with all those symphonies and requiems.

Our Services

Our team at TTG will confidently guide your property through the following:

Asset Evaluation & Architecture

We turn over every stone to build a full asset inventory and determine optimal market value.

Rights and Benefits Inventory Management

Systematic deployment of assets commensurate with investment is key to sales success and partnership longevity. We help build the system, and maintain its integrity.

Activation and Leveraging

Creative thinking and tailored solutions always win the day in our business. We come with the best activation solutions for every prospect, every time.

Performance Reporting

Keeping your team engaged in every step of the process is integral to building relationship success (we’re starting to sound like marriage counsellors – but it’s true, communication is key.)

Licensing & Merchandising

Building commercial success does not start and stop with sponsorship. We go to the depths to identify every opportunity to optimize revenue and deliver on objectives.

Broadcast Rights

Everyone needs a megaphone, and we can help you navigate the industry to arrive at the best deal possible.

Contract Management & Negotiation

Excellent negotiation means everyone wins. We stop at nothing to ensure partnerships get inked with integrity.

Commercial Rights Management

Effective commercial rights management is not just about being a ‘brand cop’ – our world-leading in house experts can help you navigate and mitigate challenges.

Revenue Diversification

We bring an ongoing commitment to consistently testing and exploring new avenues for revenue derived from the IP, commercial rights and content generation capacity of properties.

Our Approach

We don’t have just one approach to building partnerships; each project is exceptional and has its own unique requirements.

However, we do start every day with a shared passion for what we do; a passion that transcends the job of simply creating sponsorship and commercial rights strategies for our clients. For we work with clients whom we truly want to see succeed, and strive to exceed their expectations. We do this by diligently applying ourselves to each job, and using our combined experience and expertise to develop innovative and completely integrated solutions to sponsorship marketing and communications. It’s how we deliver nothing short of excellence, and how we elevate sponsorship to true partnership holistically optimizing a property’s commercial rights.

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