Watch Bill Cooper take on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge… with a twist

Late last week Bill Cooper, our Chief Operating Partner, was challenged to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge by both Andrea Shaw and Paul Douglas. Being the creative guy he is, Bill decided to rise to the challenge in a sightly different way. Making donations in response to the two ALS Challenges, Bill added a challenge of his own – pledging to take an extra bucket for each person who donates $25 to KidSport or their charity of choice. Paying his dues, and paying it forward.

We put the call for pledges out on Twitter and received 24 in total, which in turn meant $600 was raised for a variety of charities – and two full seasons of sport for KidSport grant recipients.

On behalf of Bill, and the entire team at TwentyTen Corp. thank you to all who participated in Bill’s 20+ bucket challenge, including:  Andrea Shaw, Paul Douglas x 4, Monique Giroux x 4, Auburn Sigurdson, Kaia Cooper, Mike Spicer, Jordan Harding, Mike McNeil, Julian Isadas, Joanna Marcovici, Alyson Schmidt, Peter Gardner, Erin Mathany, Kim Gordon, Bart Given,  Veronica Watson MacDonell, Cathy (Locke) Wilson and Kelly Fawcett.