Happy 5th Birthday to the TwentyTen Group, from your beloved Deal Monkey

Over the past five years, I have seen a lot from my perch on the mantle above the fireplace at TwentyTen Group. I count myself lucky to bear witness to the many feats this team has achieved in such a short time – and the many glasses raised around the hearth each Friday during Chill & Chat.
My broken limbs and missing body parts are a testament to the number of deals I’ve celebrated by soaring through the air. I have over 100 trips across the office recorded in my flight log, and am hoping for another reconstructive surgery soon so I can regain my aerodynamic physique.
It seems like just yesterday we were celebrating the success of the 2010 Games with our girl “YES”. I can’t believe it has been half a decade since our humble beginnings working around Andrea’s dining room table where we built our business model and vision for what the future would hold.
I’m not sure we could have predicted the milestones and big wins we’ve earned, back in June of 2010. From building partnerships with each of our incredible clients, to executing the XL Leadership Summit, to launching sister agency TORQUE Strategies – our growth, literally and figuratively speaking, exceeds our wildest dreams.
I have to say, I’m proud of these humans. Not only have they made their industry better, building true partnerships at every turn, but they hold themselves true to their mission to elevate the potential of sport culture and community. My neighbour here on the mantle the KidSport Jar can attest to that. As our charity of choice from day one, the jar has been filled year over year to provide many seasons of sport for kids across the country.
This team knows how to work hard, play hard, show heart and laugh often.
Today it’s time to raise a glass to the past five years and set our sights on the next 55.
Cheers to you, and thank you for being part of our journey along the way. Please make sure to stop by either our Vancouver or Toronto office for Chill & Chat, a few red jellybeans and if you’re lucky maybe even a sprinkle of Andrea’s pixie dust!