CIBC Miracle Day

Sport skills are life skills. This is a statement that I strongly believe in and a major reason why our team at the TwentyTen Group is so passionate about working with KidSport. Growing up, I participated in several sports and the experiences played a significant role in developing many of the skills I use today. From resiliency and leadership to working with a team, participation in organized sport was a major contributor to my growth and development.

As a child, I was fortunate enough to participate in organized sport; however, this is not the reality for many Canadian families. Close to 1/3 of Canadian kids do not participate in organized sport due to cost and 82% of Canadians know someone who can’t afford to participate for this very reason. This child could be your nephew, cousin, friend or neighbour. This is why I am passionate and determined to make a difference in the lives of Canadian kids and help ensure that all kids have the opportunity to play.

Corporate Canada also sees the value that organized sport participation has on a child’s development and that was never more apparent on December 3rd 2014. KidSport was invited by their national partner, CIBC, to celebrate the 30th annual CIBC Miracle Day in downtown Toronto. The event featured a celebrity Tailgate Party with top CIBC Executives, including CEO Victor Dodig, NFL Hall of Fame inductees Eric Dickerson, Andre Reed and Marshall Faulk, and CFL stars Damon Allen, Michael ‘Pinball’ Clemons, and Chad Owens.

It was amazing to watch top executives and athletes interacting with these KidSport grant recipients, no doubt inspiring them to continue to pursue their athletic dreams. Dreams that are made possible by the many volunteers, donors and corporate partners that support KidSport’s mission, So ALL Kids Can Play!

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