The TwentyTen Group Races through Toronto in the Annual Bum Run!

Our lovely Toronto TTG’ers took to the streets yesterday in the annual Bum Run, in support of colorectal cancer charities. These swift-footed marketers sped through 5 kms like pros, all for a cause near and dear to our hearts (and the motivation of brunch at the finish line). Check out the photos below.

TTG’ers looking spiffy and ready to race! Wonder who’s going to take the cake…

But first, a pre-race selfie with Steph and Nicole!

Julian making strides just before the finish. Checkout that technique…

Mark crushing it at the finish line, clocking in with an impressive 23:25mins

Of course we top it off with a celebratory breakfast at Fran’s!

Oh yes Nicole and Julian would not miss this either! Anyone else hungry?