Our TwentyTen Group Chill & Chats

Since the very early days when TTG’s “office” was Andrea’s dining room table , a tradition began that has stuck until this day. Every Friday, we shut down our computers an hour early and gather around for what has been coined “Chill & Chat.” Each of us grabs a cold beer, cider or glass of wine and we get together to discuss our week or what’s ahead and simply just chill & chat. This time we spend together is special because we have dedicated a small piece of our hectic work weeks to unwinding, sharing stories (often ending in tears of laughter), regale over the good ol’ days (Bill), and hear more tales of our amazing Olympic heritage. We get to know each other as people, beyond the professional shell and we develop a deeper understanding of who our colleagues are, garnering greater trust and loyalty from one another. We are a little work family who genuinely care about each other, with a level of dedication which has largely been nurtured during our Friday evening Chill & Chats.