Laurel Douglas

Director, Finance

Laurel has switched gears, from computer code to financial ledgers, to assist TTG with its bookkeeping. She also uses her past experience as a copywriter to regularly help with the agency’s marketing and communications.

Following the completion of a Bachelors of Journalism degree from Carleton University, Laurel moved to Asia where she worked for over ten years in the fields of Communications, Web Design and Project Management. With her return to Canada, Laurel continued to do freelance web design and copywriting while staying home to raise her four children.

Though Laurel has experienced many professional highlights in her varied career, her biggest accomplishment to date would be organizing a busy household of six. With four active young children, Laurel wears many hats in a given day, taking on the roles of nurse, chef, chauffeur, tutor and field hockey manager. And it is all done with a smile, thanks to coffee!


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