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Andrea J. Shaw
Founder & Managing Partner, TwentyTen Group
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As the resources required to host an Olympic Games grow, so too does the debate over whether the potential legacy for the host nation merits the investment.

Recent news from Canada, though, paints an exciting post-Games picture for amateur sport in the host nation.

While many suggest post-Games corporate fatigue can negatively impact amateur sport sponsorship, Canada is experiencing unprecedented renewed and new corporate partnerships with the Canadian Olympic Committee (COC).

The COC recently announced an injection of CAN$100 million into the amateur sport system, 98 per cent funded by the private sector. This was made possible by groundbreaking deals with longstanding partners like Bell and the Royal Bank of Canada, and new partners including BMW and the Canadian Tire Corporation.

In particular, Canadian Tire made the single largest corporate commitment to amateur sport in Canada’s history.The partnership is highly integrated, encompassing seven national sport organisations, individual athletes and grassroots programming – leveraging sport from playground to podium. This is an example of the Canadian sponsorship industry’s post-Games shift towards deeper, broader partnerships built on mutual trust, aligned objectives, values and vision.

This approach made the 2010 Games a landmark both in revenue raised and in partner satisfaction. Having built our team from the alumni of those Games, the TwentyTen Group has been able to carry forward this partnership approach as the sponsorship agency of record for the COC, thereby enabling an unprecedented and sustainable financial foundation from which to build Canadian amateur sport.

The 2010 Games awoke never before seen levels of patriotism and passion across Canada. The TwentyTen Group, the COC, and their partners are working to sustain this legacy by harnessing sport, culture and community as a platform for authentic storytelling, brand elevation and return on objectives.