RedRed: The Elf On The Shelf


Jana Madill, Director, Sponsorship Sales & Client Service

Spoiler Alert – Not Suitable for Readers under 10!

RedRed, our Elf on the Shelf, has been flying in from the North Pole during the first few days of December for the past 11 years.  He’s an original Elf, he didn’t come with the app, accessories, or anything from the “Claus couture collection” that the new fleet of scout elves have these days. After 3 years of exceptional service, Santa did award him with his own jingle bell, certifying RedRed as a Senior Elf.  He’s stuck with us in three different houses after all.  Two years ago, during a particularly cold week, I caved and bought him a sweater to keep him warm for all of his back and forth trips between the North Shore and the North Pole.  During one of his first few years, when the kids were really young, RedRed had to perform an emergency rescue of one of the other neighbourhood elves that had fallen after being touched by a child!  When Disco, our dog, joined the family, the kids trained him not to chew on RedRed.  And when the kids’ started to waiver on their believing, RedRed brought a special letter, folded and written in elf sized 4pt font, encouraging them to stay true to the magic of the season and to spread “believing” to all that they knew.

Well who’s kidding who here?  All this magic and North Pole Elf-Dust and “Don’t touch the Elf” and finding a new place to hide each night and then competing with all of the other great Instagram elf trickery – it’s enough to drive a parent straight into the Yuletide Nog.  There have been countless nights waking up in a panic “shoot, I forgot to move the elf”!  Creative explanations of why RedRed didn’t make it to the North Pole last night are abundant.  Each Christmas Eve, he goes back in the box and hides away, so next year I can ask “Where is that elf box?”  So, it was with mixed emotions this year when the kids sat me down and told me they were clear on the truth behind Santa.  When I asked if that meant RedRed wouldn’t be joining us this season, they gasped in horror, “of course he’s coming, RedRed will NEVER leave our family, he’ll still be coming when you have grandchildren!”  Oh boy, there’s not enough mulled wine for that!  So, a twist on our Elf ritual will start this year – we’ll all take turns moving the elf – the kids are getting into the game and there might even be a surprise under the tree for “RedRed’s best spot of the season!”