Q&A with Intern Conor Gordon

Conor Gordon, Intern

Internship Term
October 2014 – April 2015

What interested you most about TTG when you were looking for an internship?
The opportunity to work on the agency side of the sponsorship business.

What is a day in the life of a TTG intern like?
Research, sales meetings, and supporting the sales team wherever you can. Of course, you also have a few projects of your own that you’re constantly working on.

What is your favourite part about being a TTG intern?
The people that you work with and the passion they have for what they do – there are so many smart, passionate people at TTG, the opportunity to soak in their experience on a day to day basis is invaluable.

What was one thing about the sponsorship industry that surprised you the most?
How dynamic and constantly changing it is. What was innovative last month could be old news today, and the next big idea is always waiting to be discovered.

How has your internship shaped your vision for your future career path?
It has given me a well-rounded perspective of the sponsorship industry, and helped define where I believe my role within it exists. With my previous experience as a partnerships intern on the brand side, working for an agency gave me the experience I needed to really understand how the sponsorship industry works.


First TTG “buzzword” that comes to mind

Favourite TTG tradition
2:30pm coffee runs.

Which company would you love to work with?
Other than TTG? The International Olympic Committee.

Dream guest for Friday Chill n Chat
Bo Jackson

Proudest moment at TTG
The launch of the Snow Sports Canada Cup. (Remember to sign up to be a fan at www.snowsportscanada.ca/TheCup !)

What you will miss most at TTG
The people I work with.