Q&A With Fire Starter Intern Alex Creglia

As the summer draws to a close it’s also time to say goodbye to our lovely summer TTG intern Alex! What good times we have shared with his infectious energy, wit and the insightful thought leadership he brings to our team. We are going to miss you! But before Alex leaves he wanted to share a little Intern Q&A.

Alex Creglia
Summer 2015 (May-Aug)
ABOUT ALEX: Completed my undergraduate degree in Kinesiology at Western University and previously worked within the consulting sector of the sponsorship marketing world. I’m an enthusiast of all things sport, and have a passion for marketing, health and technology. When I’m not in the office I can be found somewhere in the outdoors, whether it be refining my talents in a variety of sports, strumming my guitar, seeking a new adventure or ripping around the city on my single speed bike.

What interested you most about TTG when you were looking for an internship?
The entrepreneurial mindset of the company and their focus on elevating the potential of sport, community and culture.

What is the day in the life of a TTG intern like?
Bike to work, get into the office, have a coffee, check emails, read the news, attend to the SnowSports Canada social and digital accounts, attend sales and MarCom meetings, eat lunch, actively prospect for our client’s sales funnel, throw the rugby ball around, complete research briefs.

What is your favorite part about being a TTG intern?
Not being limited to completing one specific task day after day and having the ability to create a meaningful impact within numerous sectors of the industry.

What was one thing about the sponsorship industry that surprised you the most?
The creativity and multifaceted nature of the industry and how there are constantly evolving ways to create meaningful connections with consumers.

How has your internship shaped your vision for your future career path?
It has provided me with the complete repertoire of skills within the sports business industry and has shined some light into what steps I need to take in order to reach the top of whatever path I elect to take.

First TTG “buzzword” that comes to mind: ABC
Favourite TTG tradition: Setting Sail on the Bertram aka Bridget’s boat.
Which company would you love to work with? Toronto Blue Jays
Dream guest for Friday Chill n Chat? I would love to pick at the brains of Richard Branson and Tiger Woods
What Organization does sponsorship the best: Hard to put my finger on one specific organization. There are lots of extraneous factors to consider and the sponsorship landscape is constantly subject to change. With that being said, if I am to give an opinion on who does sponsorship the best right at this moment, that answer will more than likely be different somewhere down the road.
Proudest moment at TTG: It`s up in the air. It would either be the time I showcased my value to the company immediately by fixing the printer on my first day OR the time(s) where I assisted the New Business Development team with securing new business for both our company and our clients. Tough call.
What will you miss most at TTG: The opportunity to be a sponge and gain invaluable learning experiences. TTG is oozing with company culture and is home to a very talented, smart, and passionate group of people who are willing to help you grow on a daily basis.