Q&A With Difference Maker Intern Mike Kutti

Mike Kutti
Mike graduated from Western University in 2014 with a degree in Sport Management. His passions exist somewhere at the intersection of sport, culture, and business. Following an overachieving athletic career, he worked for multiple Canadian sports organizations in various capacities. As an active member of the Canadian Estonian community, he contributes regularly to cultural activities in a strategic and consultative capacity.  Mike also has an entrepreneurial bent that started with a painting franchise, then with helping run an upstart theatre company, and now working on a new “weekend-warrior” entrepreneurial venture.

What interested you most about TTG when you were looking for an internship?
The roster of clients, the breadth and depth of sponsorship experience, the vision and values of TTG, gaining first-hand experience in Canadian sport and culture, the people… I could go on…

What is a day in the life of a TTG intern like?
The cool thing about being a TTG intern is that no two days are alike. Any day can feature the following: skimming sponsorship news, whipping together proposals and briefs, researching new business opportunities, contributing to ideation sessions, reviewing and editing various sales documents, building out sponsorship databases, and cracking awful pun-related jokes.

What is your favorite part about being a TTG intern?
Working with ambiguous, undefined outcomes and using my creativity to make order out of chaos. Putting my own stamp on my work and making an impact has also been very rewarding. Job titles may limit the influence of your input in some companies, but not at TTG.

What was one thing about the sponsorship industry that surprised you the most?
The amount of camaraderie and collaboration is awesome. I already knew about how insular and tight-knit the sponsorship industry was, but it took a while for me to realize how supportive people are of one another’s work. Regardless of whether people are working with (or competing against) one another, the sponsorship industry is quick to acknowledge good work.

How has your internship shaped your vision for your future career path?
The most important thing I’m taking away from this experience, above all else, is the importance of “fit” within an organization. Finding people who embody a company’s vision; working with clients who are like minded in values; and fostering a culture that facilitates results. Fit is key, and can sometimes be overlooked. TTG is an organization that emphasizes cultural fit to exceed expectations.


  • First TTG “buzzword” that comes to mind: Ideation
  • Favourite TTG tradition: Participating in Ricoh’s various office pools… And talking just enough trash to get him fired up.
  • Which company would you love to work with? That depends on whether my entrepreneurial venture takes off…
  • Dream guest for Friday Chill n Chat? Rick Hansen
  • In your opinion, what organization is currently doing sponsorship the best? Formula One. The constant tinkering and innovation within their digital, broadcast, hospitality, and experiential spaces allow for partnering brands to make a big impact during the circuit.
  • Proudest moment at TTG? I wouldn’t be able to single out a moment. I’ll look back on the last four months and be proud of the work I put in.
  • What you will miss most at TTG? The people and especially the laughs.