Written By Andrew Bell, Client Service & Sales

This Sunday, Nov 19th, the NFL is taking a road-trip of its own, to another dedicated International market, as
 the highly popular International Series Games heads to Mexico City. Fans at the Estadio Azteca and across the region, will be treated to some of football’s biggest names, with the New England Patriots’, Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski and Oakland Raider’s, Derek Carr and Marshawn Lynch

New England will be making their first trip to Mexico in almost 20 years, off the back of a 21-3 victory over the Cowboys back in August 1998. Belichick’s side have certainly been enjoying their time on the road as of late, as they’re now at 13-straight wins away from Foxboro. The Patriots have opted to remain at altitude in Colorado Springs this week, in preparation for travel to the Mexico game, rather than returning home to Massachusetts. This seems like a smart decision. Estadio Azteca, located within the borough of Coyoacán, sits at 7’280ft above sea level, making it the most elevated game in the 2017/18 NFL Season, 2’000 feet higher than Denver’s Sports Authority Field. 

It’s difficult to say whether the Patriots’ decision will be an edge as Sunday approaches, as the Raiders staff and players are more familiar with Mexico City and any effect the elevation may have. This will be Oakland’s third, and last, trip South of the Rio Grande as a franchise and they will be looking for back-to-back wins in the Estadio Azteca, following a 27-20 win over the Texans in the 2016 International Series Game. 

Canada’s affinity for the NFL is reflected in its 11.3m fans from coast to coast, a statistic that makeit the NFL’s biggest international market. If the success of the series in London and Mexico City tells us anything, it is that international fans are as passionate and as engaged as their US counterparts and are tremendously responsive to opportunities for connection with both the league and its clubs.

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