“The Great Big Boo!” Gears Up For Spooktacular National Tour

TTG Partnerships Teams Up With Wondersee Entertainment, Cineplex Theatres, And Corus Live To Foster A New Family Halloween Tradition October 2018

Every year, spooky decorations, costumes, and bags of sugary treats creep their way into stores earlier and earlier. Combined with the more recent addition of pumpkin spiced, well, everything… there’s no denying Canadians love Halloween! But as the movies get scarier and the costumes more elaborate, not everyone is comfortable with the increasing level of fright!

To reduce the number of younger children being scared by costumes, some schools are opting to tone things down by banning costumes altogether and instead celebrating spirit week, or Orange and Black Day. While some families appreciate the shift, others are disappointed and feel their children are missing out on a longstanding tradition. So, while many Canadians continue to get into the spooky holiday spirit, the beloved Halloween experience for young children is changing.

Wondersee Entertainment has seen the popularity of Halloween rise among Canadians but equally as important, notice the gap widen in experiences appropriate for young children. As longtime producers of live children’s theatre, the creation of a Halloween themed musical that can be enjoyed by all audiences was a no-brainer. Made possible through partnerships with Corus Live and Cineplex, The Great Big Boo! aims to provide families with a new way to experience Halloween! Featuring a dynamic original score, an empowering message, spectacular dance numbers, stunning theatrical effects, and a family-friendly trick-or-treat staged in the familiar cinema environment, The Great Big Boo! transcends generations and captivates the whole family.

Just how much do Canadians get into the spirit of Halloween?

In recent years, Canadian consumers have officially passed their southern neighbours in per-capita spending, with the average consumer shelling out over $77 per year on Halloween related goods in 2015. From intricate costumes and theatrical decorations, to piles of treats and frightful experiences, the holiday has grown to become a billion-dollar industry (and the second largest shopping season outside of Black Friday and Christmas).

And it doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon. As an inclusive, non-denominational holiday, Halloween is enjoyed by 68% of Canadians, including the 14 million households that hand over $392 million worth of candy to 3.87 million pint-sized superheroes, jungle animals and every costume in-between. Thankfully not all that sugar ends up being eaten by kids, with 90% of parents admitting to sneaking candy from their children’s treat bags! (which also results in Jimmy Kimmel sharing some of the best viral video content at the beginning of November each year).

With the average costume totaling over $50, parents are eager to capture and share their epic creations on social media, with family and group theme costumes continuing to reign supreme among mommy bloggers such as Instagram-famous, Cara Loren.

Pictured: Blogger and social influencer, Cara Loren, and family. Photo Credit: Caraloren.com

Trends in consumer spending behaviours also continue to support that Canadians are willing to open their wallets more often for photo-worthy experiences than ever before. This explains why terrifying corn mazes and haunted theme parks are becoming increasingly popular with older teens and adults. However, when it comes to indoor, safe, not-so-scary entertainment experiences for families with young children, the options have traditionally been very limited. Without a doubt, the stage is set for a new family-friendly Halloween tradition to become a holiday staple each October…

DID YOU KNOW: The world’s largest pumpkin weighed 2,600 lbs! That’s over 20,000 Mars Bars!

TTG Partnerships is thrilled to collaborate with Wondersee Entertainment and power advertising duo, Cineplex Media and Corus Media, to help bring over 160 showings of the 2018 production to theatres across Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario. 2017 had over 40,000 Canadians dancing in their seats and the 2018 tour expects to increase attendance as the tour refocuses the performance schedules with additional show times in the most popular markets from 2017.

Pulling in an impressive $3.3 million in media value derived through extensive advertising assets provided by Cineplex Media and Corus Media, The Great Big Boo! is an incredibly exciting property for a brand looking to make a statement right before the largest shopping season of the year. Brand activation with Cineplex offers a mix of digital assets in both the lobby and theatre, sponsored pre-show content and sampling opportunities as children head out into the lobby to trick-or-treat with characters from the show. Partners of The Great Big Boo! can expect to see their brand integrated into the event with fun segments like sponsored dance parties, games, quizzes, and even custom created commercial spots utilizing the cast of the show!

The Great Big Boo! is a one-of-a-kind event for Cineplex and we are delighted to have Wondersee and Corus Entertainment as our partners,” said Brad LaDouceur, Vice President of Cineplex Events, Cineplex.“As a leading entertainment and media company, we are moving towards enhanced experiences within our theatre environment which The Great Big Boo! aligns with perfectly. We are looking forward to welcoming Canadian families to take part in this unique experiential live-action event this Halloween season.”

And the Halloween fun for brands doesn’t stop there!

As a partner of The Great Big Boo!, Corus Media brings a wealth of knowledge in Canadian television, with extensive experience reaching families and young children through their programming on top channels like Treehouse TV.

“We’re delighted to partner with Cineplex and Wondersee on this national event,” says Doug Murphy, CEO and President of Corus Entertainment. “Corus is known for its top-notch kids and family television content. “The Great Big Boo!” fits perfectly under our Corus Live banner, which was created to provide amazing—and unique—live experiences to our audiences. This is simply a wonderful opportunity for us to connect with kids and families in a fresh, new way.”

Performances of The Great Big Boo! draw high volumes of moms and their 4 to 12 year old children, and Corus Media works alongside the country’s top “Mommy Bloggers’ to help brands reach a similar audience through social platforms in advance of the tour. As the buying power of women continues to grow year over year, combined with 48% of shoppers starting their holiday shopping prior to the end of October, The Great Big Boo! presents an opportunity for brands looking for significant exposure.

Whether your brand is looking to star in the national tour, or play a leading role regionally in British Columbia, Alberta or Ontario, TTG Partnerships invites you to take part in this fast-growing holiday tradition!

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