Four Years Later – A Moment to Reflect, Celebrate and Evolve

Four years after the Vancouver 2010 Cauldron was lit and the spirit of the Games caught fire across our vast nation, we wanted to take a pause to celebrate this catalytic moment in our history together.

In celebration of this anniversary and the Games’ impact on us personally and professionally, the TwentyTen Group decided to seize the opportunity to celebrate the past, and showcase our growth, evolution and perpetual pursuit of excellence. In February, we:

  • Lit the Cauldron in Jack Poole Plaza on the anniversary of the Vancouver 2010 Games
  • Hosted the XL Leadership Summit – a day of inspiration and big ideas featuring eight exceptional speakers, over 400 engaged guests and 18 Olympians & Paralympians
  • Watched as Team Canada brought home a payload of medals in Sochi – a true legacy of our work with valued partner, the Canadian Olympic Committee
  • Launched a new company – TORQUE Strategies

We are so grateful to have been able to share this exciting time of growth and inspiration with friends and partners like you. We look forward to a bright future, and to connecting with you again soon.

Warmest regards,

Andrea J. Shaw
Founder & Managing Partner

TORQUE Strategies Opens its Doors on the Anniversary of the 2010 Games 

On February 12, 2014, we announced the launch of Canada’s newest force in Canadian marketing, TORQUE Strategies. The agency, led by Bart Given and comprised of several former TwentyTen Group partners, leverages a unique mix of capital intelligence, market experience and proprietary tools to deliver integrated marketing strategies for corporate brands investing in sponsorship. View full announcement | Marketing Magazine article

TORQUE Strategies specializes in strategic sponsorship marketing—redefining the category by reinventing the way sponsorship is done. To us, sponsorship is one of the most sophisticated and effective tools a marketer has to build their brand. Using market experience, capital intelligence and our own set of proprietary tools, we create precisely tailored, integrated marketing solutions that fully unleash the power of strategic sponsorship and connect you to your consumer in a meaningful manner. About TORQUE Strategies | Our Story

Fire Starters: Lighting the Cauldron 

February 12 is a momentus day for our teams at the TwentyTen Group and TORQUE Strategies. As our history is deeply rooted in the Olympic Movement, we set out to make a splash on the anniversary of the 2010 Games. We saw the opportunity, and gathered the power of our community to re-ignite the cauldron in Jack Poole Plaza at 8:10pm (20:10 on the 24 hour clock) that evening.

Joined by the attendees of the XL Leadership Summit VIP reception, bundled in our Red Mittens from Hudson’s Bay we gathered around the flame and sang O Canada together in honour of the impact the Games had on our nation, our national team competing in Sochi, and the Olympic spirit alive in our hearts. It was a moment we will cherish forever.

In the NewsThe Province | Global BC | CBC

Photo Courtesy of David Martin, Hyphen Communications

XL Leadership Summit

The TwentyTen Group set out over a year ago to orchestrate an event that captures the spirit of the Games, leverages parallels between sport and business, and inspires and empowers the audience to strive for excellence in their own lives and careers. This vision came to life in technicolour on February 13 at the XL Leadership Summit in Vancouver, featuring eight brilliant speakers who challenged the audience of over 400 delegates and 18 Olympians & Paralympians to truly be the best we can be.

The Summit exceeded our expectations and ignited our passion, purpose and pursuit of excellence.

View the XL Summit Photo Gallery | Download the XL Summit Big Ideas Whiteboard

SOCHI 2014: Doing more with more – how corporate partners are elevating the Olympic Movement in Canada

The Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games were a watershed for Canada. That much is clear. The Games were branded as “Canada’s Games” for the first time, and sparked never before seen levels of connection and patriotism in Canadians across the country. They galvanized the Canadian spirit and elevated the potential of our high performance sport system. With the halo of the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games shinning bright, and so many Canadian values and inspiring performances on display in Russia over the last couple weeks, this legacy has not only lasted – it’s actually gained momentum. Read more…

Photo Courtesy of Canadian Freestyle Ski Association