Elevating the Potential of Sport in Canada: COC, Private Partners Help Boost Athletes’ Funding

Andrea J. Shaw
Founder & Managing Partner


At the TwentyTen Group our aspiration to elevate the potential of sport, culture and community drives our passion and purpose – and our work with the Canadian Olympic Committee (COC), developing values based partnerships with corporations across Canada, does just that.

Today’s announcement of the COC’s infusion of $37 million into Own the Podium programming made possible by their corporate partners’ courageous investments into the Olympic movement will have a profound impact on the success of Canada’s athletes and coaches from playground to podium.

We are proud to be a part of such an unprecedented commitment to Canadian athletes, coaches and the community of sport, and look forward to celebrating their stories in Sochi and beyond.


COC, Private Partners Help Boost Athletes’ Funding

December 12, 2013
By Asif Hossain

“At the COC, we know it takes a village to raise a champion, and we’re so appreciative of the outstanding support we receive from our private-sector partners,” Aubut said on Thursday.

These partners include Hudson’s Bay Company, RBC, Bell, Canadian Tire, adidas, BMW, Mondelez (maker of the Oreo) and many more who have put their faith in Canadian athletes to raise the country’s profile and instill national pride.

Next time you dunk your Oreo cookie into a glass of milk, pause for a second and take it all in. Not the delicious cocoa crumbs falling off your treat or the moisture ring forming around the cold glass on the counter.

Instead, think of speed skater Denny Morrison surging on a long track at 70 km/h or Kelsey Serwa flying 150 feet in the air to grab a world championship.

There is a connection between delectable desserts and Canada’s Olympic hopes and it became apparent on Thursday at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, when Canadian Olympic Committee president Marcel Aubut announced a $37 million injection into Own The Podium, which aims for Canada to be a world leader in high-performance sport.

The $37 million contribution between 2013-16 is a 48% increase from the previous four years. During the last quadrennial Canada set a Olympic Winter Games record with 14 gold medals at Vancouver 2010 and won a total of 18 medals at London 2012, including the women’s national soccer team bringing home a bronze medal following an emotional semifinal encounter with their American rivals that united Canada.

With an increase in private-sector partnership and the additional financial contribution ahead of Sochi 2014 and Rio 2016, Canadian Olympic Committee is empowering its athletes to challenge the world with more funding, resources and a renewed sense of national purpose.