Bill Cooper takes on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, and then some

speaker_bill_cooperIn response to having been served an ALS Ice Bucket Challenge by both Andrea Shaw and Paul Douglas, we have slightly revised the response tactic for Bill Cooper, our Chief Operating Partner.

At 2:30pm (PT) Friday, August 29 Bill will have two buckets of ice water dumped on him in response to the two ALS Challenges he has been given to date. The twist however, will be that in recognition of each contributor who commits between now and then to a gift of $25 or more to KidSport or an alternative cause of their choice (and inform us of such @ttgtweets), we will happily dump another bucket over his head. Let’s get on board and see if we can get at least two kids a season of sport . . . we’ll have at least 20 buckets on hand and it would be a shame to see any go to waste. #SoAllKidsCanPlay.