Allegiant Air lands in Whistler for World Ski and Snowboard Festival

Las Vegas, San Francisco, Palm Springs, Phoenix, Orlando, Tampa Bay, Fort Lauderdale, and Honolulu are just a few favourite sunny U.S. destinations that an estimated 5 million Canadians drive across the border to catch a flight for each year. Allegiant Air – an American, low-fare, non-stop, all-jet service airline – has taken notice of this trend and more Canadians have taken notice of the low fares.

Nearly 85% of the passengers at the Plattsburgh, NY Airport and over 60% in Bellingham, WA are Canadian – demonstrating that Allegiant Air is making strategic business decisions to position itself to Canadians given nearly 2/3 of us live within 90 minutes of the border.

We Canucks are easily drawn across the border to cities like Bellingham, Washington, Grand Forks, North Dakota and, Niagara Falls or Plattsburgh, New York for the promise of more affordable airfares than we can find at home.

When we are looking at potential partners for our clients, it is vital to understand their needs and find authentic ways to fulfill them. We identified that understanding the Canadian consumer was important to Allegiant’s business and they would benefit from increased interaction with a young, adventurous, and relatively affluent audience, like the one found at the World Ski and Snowboard Festival held in Whistler, British Columbia each April. Allegiant agreed and a partnership was born, over 200 km from its closest airport.

Allegiant engaged the Festival’s 250,000 fans with free sunscreen for spring skiing, and fun contests with the chance to win two free flights each day of the 10-day festival. Along with growing their email database through the contest, Allegiant had the opportunity to educate Festival goers about their low-cost model, enticing them with prices as low as $89 to desirable hot spots on the sun belt.

The partnership between Allegiant Air and the World Ski and Snowboard Festival is a great example of a company finding a property that attracts their target market, shares their values, opens the lines of communication, and has the power to help increase their market share.

While many U.S. retailers are physically entering the Canadian market, Allegiant is applying a different tactic – getting Canadians to enter their market.

Did I mention the sunscreen is sample sized and will fit in your carry on?